Stephen King Fanzine: Call for Submissions

As you may have gathered, I like writing. I’m not going to pretend that I’m the internet’s next best thing, or a novelist-in-hiding, because I’m not. I’m an ordinary person, with a time-consuming and underpaid job and bills to pay. I’m not going to quit my job,  nor am I going to delude myself that writing is going to make me a lot of money, if any.

I would like my hobbies to be untainted by thoughts of money-making because that only leads to disappointment, as my foray into craft fairs has proved. I don’t think I can ever knit another uterus again without feeling a tang of bitterness…anyway!

My green uterus and I...

My green uterus and I…

I’m not some self-hating nihilist either, just so you know! Just realistic, innit.

I’ve embarked on a couple of writing projects in my time, some moderately successful, (successful in the sense that a couple of folk have taken the time to read my stuff), and some have been a little slow in making any kind of impact (e.g. Women of Swansea).

(I haven’t given up on Women of Swansea, FYI. I am planning a reboot of the project early next year so keep yer eyes peeled.)

I write regularly for SFN‘s Pandora Press zine (you can read #1 +2 online here) so I have decided to take the plunge and embark on a little zine-making adventure of my own.

So what do I feel passionate enough about to warrant making my own zine? Well, obviously I feel passionate about a lot of things: feminism, pugs, tattoos, baking, caring, knitting, reading, writing, horror, current affairs, my family, language…Stephen King…AHHHHAAA!


Stephen frickin’ King. My favourite author.

I am skint but zines are easy and relatively cheap to make. I have lots of friends and associates who like Stephen King and can contribute. I have friends who are expert zine-makers so I can nag them for advice. I like being creative. I like writing. I like writing things about Stephen King (see: ‘SK and Feminism’ on this fair blog). THIS CANNOT GO WRONG.

So dear readers, if you feel compelled to contribute anything to this strictly DIY project of mine, contact me at: stephenkingfanzine at gmail dot com for more information. I would like to get the zine finished by February 2013 so get your butts in gear and send something in. I can’t send out a free copy to everyone though, so you might have to chuck me a few quid via PayPal.

Some ideas:

-book/film adaptation review
-Top 5/Top 10 books/film adaptations
-favourite character/s and why
-favourite SK quotes
-flash fiction
-why do you like SK in under 100 words
-representation of women in his work
-use of language in his work
-bad/good film adaptations
-guilty pleasure?
-recommendations for first time readers
-opinion pieces on some aspect of SK’s work
The man himself. I obviously didn't take this picture, FYI.

The man himself. I obviously didn’t take this picture, FYI.

If no-one contributes then it’ll just be my own fan-girl splurge, and that’d be a bit boring, so you might as well take part too.
I hope it will be splendiferous.
I would just like to say that I am not some crazed stalker-type. I won’t be flying over the New England any time soon to pop a copy of the fanzine through King’s letterbox or lurk around in some bushes waiting for the bloke to go out for a pint of milk. I am sure he’s a very nice person but there’s going to be no Annie Wilkes action around here so don’t be crazy, either.
Hope to hear from you soon, King fans!

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