World Book Night 2013

In all the excitement of my daily life (…) I completely forgot to mention the fact that I have been chosen as a giver for WBN13!

I will be giving out 20 copies of The Reader by German author Bernhard Schlink.

I read a bit of The Reader while I was at university studying German and Politics, but in German. I am very excited to get a chance to read it again (in English, of course) and share my love of reading with all that will take a copy off my hands. 413094_10151539805755203_1290295507_o

I was also a giver for WBN12; I gave out copies of Misery by Stephen King, which went down very well.

I did actually feel that this years short-list was a bit disappointing compared to 2012; but it depends on your tastes, of course. I personally would have liked to have seen more horror/crime on the list. I often feel like horror gets marginalised in these kinda things. I think ‘Interview with the Vampire’ by Anne Rice would have been a good addition, or ‘Different Seasons’ by Stephen King. They are both excellent introductions to the genre, in my humble opinion.

The fact that members of the public can apply and essentially get books for free to distribute amongst their friends and families (some who may not be big readers or can’t afford to buy many themselves) is a great thing and should be celebrated accordingly.

Long live World Book Night!


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