Library Luuuurve

I haven’t really had the time of late to write a proper blog post/review as I have been RATHER  busy.

I am actually starting a new job at the end of this month so I have been sorting that out, handing in my notice at my old place, etc etc. I feel kinda sad at leaving friends behind but I think it’s time to move on. Tonight is my last night shift, in fact. Wish me luck!

As I am going to experience a little bit of a pay-gap in-between jobs, my boyfriend and I have been thinking of ways to save on cash. One of my new money-saving resolutions will be to use the library more often.

I think it’s all well and good to wax lyrical about how great libraries are and what a valuable resource they are for local communities and then not actually use them…well, it takes the biscuit, really. And I for one am sorry that I haven’t been utilising this fabulous local service as much as I should have.

I started my new library resolution this week with these choice titles:


As a (former) rampant book-buyer, I will expect I will find this a little difficult. But that’s okay. There’s a couple of new titles coming out soon that I would really like to buy and I guess I will have to assess the situation at the time to see whether my finances allow it. One per month is hardly a problem. My former buying rate was 2-3 per week! Crazy.

But, to atone for my many, many sins, I have actually given away a lot of books that didn’t survive my must-make-some-space-to-live cull. It’s nice to give, innit.

Speaking of giving, I promise to pay my outstanding library fines as soon as is humanly possible (sorry)…




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