My zine is finished!

It’s been a long while in the making but my Stephen King fan zine is finally finished!

Being quite new to this whole zine thing I was a little nervous about how I should construct and design it. It’s a good job I like the DIY look because refined, it ain’t. It was pretty much held together by sellotape, string and sheer hope.

Putting the zine together

Putting the zine together

I didn’t have as many contributors as I would have liked but I am still really pleased with the articles I did get and how diverse the topics were.

Instead of focusing specifically on King’s most popular work (though some titles did get a mention), the issue received submissions comparing Rose Madder to The Shining, an opinion piece on King’s filmic relationship with Frank Darabont, a deconstruction of Annie Wilkes and the mother goddess archetype, and an analysis of the representation of woman In Gerald’s Game. A good friend of mine, Cath Elms, also submitted a piece of artwork. An eclectic mix, I am sure you’ll agree!

(two of the articles featured were first published on this very blog. Though my Annie Wilkes article has been amended, the other has not)

It’s only a 4-pager (double-sided, accourse) but full of food for thought, especially if you are a King fan. Even if you are not, perhaps you will gain an insight into some of the issues and subtexts in King’s work, or even just admire the skill that went into my Pet Sematary haiku…

I’ve run off a first batch of 10 copies (excl. contributor copies), so if you would like to buy one, then please contact me on: stephenkingfanzine AT gmail DOT com. The price’ll be £1 plus 60p p+p.

I want to make a second issue but it would really hinge on the number of contributors; if you would like to get involved then contact details are above.

Buy me...

Buy me…


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