Upcoming Reviews

So I was perusing Twitter last night, as you do, when I came across a tweet from This is Horror, a UK-based horror review site, requesting a reviewer for one of their new titles. The title in question is Roadkill by Joseph D’Lacey. The synopsis on TIH runs as such:

”Two vehicles, stripped to the bare essentials, accelerate to 180 miles per hour on a deserted highway. Their journey along this dead straight stretch, known as the Final Five, will decide the fate of the drivers – forever. Only a hundred seconds separate them from the finish line as they hurtle towards their destiny, dreaming of glory.

But this is one highway they’ve never travelled before and neither of them knows what they’ll find out there. One thing is certain: every road has its obstacles.” Roadkill by Joseph D'Lacey

Sounds…intense! I look forward to reading and reviewing it. Watch this space, folks.

For those living in the area, there is also a launch party being held next weekend in Waterstones Coventry for Roadkill. All details here.

In other news…

My Stephen King fanzine has been completed and is available to buy right now! The price is £1 plus 60p p+p. See article below this for more details.

I am also desperate to get my hands on a copy of NOS4A2 by Joe Hill but unfortunately my finances are unlikely to stretch that far this month. Very frustrating! I will bide my time…


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