Creative writing zine project-call for submissions!

So after the positive experience of creating and constructing my Stephen King fanzine, I have decided to undertake another zine project!

Buy me...

Buy me…

I was having a little think last night and I have decided to go a slightly different route…a literary zine of sorts.

I am looking for contributors willing to part with short stories, flash fiction, Twitter fiction, poems, haiku and artwork.

I would like this to be a diverse creative writing anthology which showcases our different voices.

Some stipulations:

-there is no theme so you can pretty much write about whatever you like 

-has to be fiction (or based on fiction in cases of artwork submission)

-can be written in English or Welsh (though I would appreciate if you sent me translation for administrative purposes!)

-short stories up to 1000 words

-flash fiction up to 500 words

-if you want pics to be a part of your piece of writing, send ’em over! Otherwise pics will be added at the editor’s discretion

-I can’t pay anyone but will send all contributors a free copy! 


-use of abusive and discriminatory language will not be tolerated

-racist, sexist, homophobic etc submissions will not be used

-I wouldn’t necessarily say no to erotic fiction but anything describing violent or degrading pornographic acts will not be considered

Get writing, folks!

Get writing, folks!

…so you’ve pretty much got a free reign!

It would fantastic if you would like to get involved.

Self-publishing is immensely satisfying and can be as low key/high brow as you want. I personally am a big fan of the DIY look.

I am big believer in, and supporter of, independent creative projects.

I think in a world where we can get easily disconnected from ‘real life’ by technology, it is a great feeling to hold something in your hands and think, ‘I’ve made that!’.

I haven’t thought of a name yet so I will keep you posted! Or email me any suggestions!

Contact me at: stephenkingfanzineATgmailDOTcom

Some zine resources:


ZineWiki Portal

We Make Zines

Spill the Zines


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