A noob’s introduction to Game of Thrones

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you’ve probably heard about fantasy epic Game of Thrones. I avoided it for a long time. Clutching my battered horror paperbacks nervously to my chest I have hurried past the massive GoT displays in Waterstones.

I’m no literary snob. Far from it. But I guess I have always had an irrational aversion to fantasy. Friends LOVE The Dark Tower series; my boyfriend reads Peter K. Hamilton; the whole universe has been reading, watching and raving about GoT…and I have been conscientiously avoiding the lot.

I guess I like to discover things in my own time…so one day last week I thought, what the hell, and purchased a spanking new copy…

…DAMN IT’S GOOD. SO GOOD. So good that when I finished the first book yesterday afternoon, I rushed straight out to buy the second. I COULD NOT stop thinking about it ALL DAY.

I was absolutely ENTHRALLED.

Yeah sure, there are so many characters that I couldn’t really keep track of them all (one of the things that put me off fantasy before) and some parts (not many) I did find a little…filler-y, but all-in-all, I thought GoT was fantastic.

Favourite character so far? Daenerys Targaryen, without a doubt.

Everything in my life, except for sleeping, eating and going to work, seems entirely inconsequential compared to reading just one more chapter…

…it’s kind of like the buzz I had as a teenager when new Harry Potters came out.

I haven’t watched the GoT series yet, but thanks to the internetz, I know EXACTLY what is going to happen, so thanks for that. Though I am hardly surprised considering George R.R. Martin‘s notorious reputation for killing off his best and bright characters. 3ovhbz

I also bought the first Dark Tower book, The Gunslinger, in Oxfam the other day for a paltry £2.

Has my aversion to fantasy finally been broken down? We will see.

Here’s to a summer of new discoveries!

(n.b. I am also pledging to support my local book store, Uplands Book Shop, by buying the GoT series from their fine establishment).



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