That day I met Margaret Atwood…

…well, I say ‘met’, but I really mean ‘went to her talk in Bristol and got signed copy of MaddAddam for my troubles afterwards’. Still, it was totally amazing. See?!

Fangirl level 10 for awesomeness...

Fangirl level 10 for awesomeness…

And MaddAddam itself has not disappointed so far. I will write a proper review when I’ve finished it. If you are not familiar with the Oryx and CrakeYear of the Flood-MaddAddam trilogy, and like feminist, future concept, environmentalist, anti-capitalist mash-ups, then I suggest you check it out.

Some other news:

-I entered a contest ran by Hodder and Stoughton to be the first person in the UK to read Stephen King’s upcoming Doctor Sleep (incl. night in a luxury hotel). Unfortunately, I didn’t win the top prize, but I won an official poster. Better than a punch in the face, eh?

-I wrote a review for FWSA (Feminist and Women’s Studies Association) of Anti-Porn Feminism: The Resurgance of Anti-Porn Feminism by Julia Long. So watch this space, yo.

-I am currently reviewing Female Suicide Bombers by Rosemarie Skaine, also for FWSA.

-I wrote a review for The F-Word a while ago. You can read it here.

Spill the Zines favourably reviewed my Stephen King fanzine ‘Death is When the Monsters Get You #1’. Thanks, Cath

Some choices titles from my TBR pile and my lovely pug mug

Some choices titles from my TBR pile and my lovely pug mug



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