Halloween Reading List 2013!

It’s nearly that time of year again!

Man, I love Halloween. I don’t engage with the whole ‘let’s go out dressed as a sexy witch/nun/mouse/bumblebee’ thing, but for me, the true pleasure of Halloween lies in the compilation of my annual Halloween reading list. Last year, I focused on ‘classic’ horror (Shirley Jackson, old Stephen King stuff, HP Lovecraft, etc).

This year, I would like to take some time to celebrate the women who have contributed to the horror genre. 

Here is my short-list:

-Caitlin R. Kiernan-Silk 

-Poppy Z. Brite-Exquisite Corpse

-Toni Morrison-Beloved 

-Daphne du Maurier-Don’t Look Now

-Jewelle Gomez-The Gilda Stories

-Elizabeth Massie-Abed

What do you think? I wanted to cover a couple of different sub-genre within horror (classic ghost stories, zombie, vampire, gore, short story etc) so I think there’s quite an eclectic and inclusive range. 

I intend to start reading at the end of September with an eye to finish at the end of October. Format wise, I intend to write a brief summary of each title, rather than an essay on each one like last year.

I can’t wait! 





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